Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bull Dog Tonkatsu Sauce - My Favorite Japanese Foods (No.6) - Seasonings

My Favorite Japanese Foods (No.6) - Bull Dog Tonkatsu sauce.

Once you tried this, you won't even care about A1 Steak Sauce anymore and understand the reason why this Bull Dog Tonkatsu sauce is my favorite Japanese food. This is kinda like A1 sauce but waaaaaaaaaaaay better :D 

It's basically a vegetable sauce. We Japanese use this Bull Dog Tonkatsu sauce a lot for many homie dishes - mainly for Tonkatsu (Deep fried pork cutlet. Picture ->), Corrokke (Deep fried mushed potato), Okonomi yaki (Assorted pancake) etc. 

There are sauces exclusively for "Okonomi yaki", but basically similar to Tonkatsu sauce but only a bit different. (I don't know what's the difference exactly but I guess it's thicker?!) I use this Tonkatsu sauce instead when I don't have the "Okonomi yaki" sauce. But you can't miss this sauce when you eat "Tonkatsu" :) I can eat a lot of cabbages (It's the golden side dish for Tonkatsu) with this sauce. Ummmmmmm :D Some people use just salad dressing, some people use soy sauce & mayonnaise on the cabbage. I like just eating it with Tonkatsu sauce.

There are a few thickness depending on your preference and the dishes. (Hey, we Japanese are so picky about foods including sauces. We change sauces/thickness depending on the dishes... Also some areas in Japan prefer thin sauces, some areas prefer thick ones.) I don't like the thinnest one "Uster"- it's very watery thickness. I love the "Chuno" or "Tonkatsu", which are thicker ones. Now they got all kinds of fancy level Tonkatsu sauces that uses only high-class ingredients. That's so Japanese. lol

Bull Dog has bunch of sauces and other products. But the company is well known for this - the most popular Tonkatsu sauce in Japan. There are similar products but nothing can beat this. I'm so sure that over 95 % Japanese have this at home :D No wonder this Bull Dog Tonkatsu sauce is my favorite Japanese food :)

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  1. Uh-oh. You got me craving for some Tonkatsu...w/ Bull Dog Tonkatsu sauce.

  2. I have been craving for tonkatsu and went to the local Seijo Ishii for hire-katsu takeout. They did not give away tonkatsu sauce and karashi, so i went to the stores to buy my first ever own tonkatsu sauce. Bulldog was the cheapest, and came in a 170ml bottle.

    Now i am left with some tonkatsu sauce. Do you have any other recommended ways to finish them? I seldom make tonkatsu at home, and prefer eating out at a tonkatsu place :)

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